Cyber Security, Corporate Governance & Responsibility


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First, there was the crash of Worldcom and Enron in the United States which should have put local corporate managers and representatives on alert particularly as it relates to the passage of Sarbanes Oxley (Sox) with its stringent information security requirements around financial records.  Then there was the Companies Act of Jamaica in 2004 which increased corporate liability and responsibility for officers and directors. Finally, there is the passage of the Cybercrimes Act 2010 which places direct responsibility on corporate managers, officers and directors to exercise due diligence or face harsh personal penalties.


Sounds familiar, this webinar is for you!  Listen to what those risks are and some tips on how to minimise them.


 Presenter:  M. Georgia Gibson-Henlin is an Attorney-at-Law and Arbitrator with an LL. M. University of Toronto where she specialised in  and subsequently practises in the areas  (among others) of e-commerce and information technology, legal issues in cyberspace; she is certified as a computer forensic examiner (CCFE) and computer hacking and forensic investigator (CHFI).



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